A 9 Week Journey from  Abandonment to Reclamation 


This is your chance to rewrite history. Your chance to make it her story. To make it your story. 

We will no longer tolerate a shame and blame-filled legacy that has maligned and abandoned the feminine for millennia. It's time to step into our power, reveal our truth, and reclaim our stories. The future of the planet depends on it. 

I'm Ready to for a Reclamation

A Guided Journey To Your Birthright 


We were given a flawed blueprint for what it means to be a woman and we can be bitter or we can get better.  If you're ready to redraft the damn blueprint, then this course is for you because:

  • The annals of history have truths to unearth about hidden herstory that are going to open portals to your new consciousness.

  • You will meet Lilith, the maligned first woman of the world whose powerful story was hidden from you for a reason.

  • Together we will map a trail back home to our true selves where self-doubt and shame will no longer hold you hostage. 

  • We will invoke powerful forgotten myths and archetypes that will liberate, inspire, and guide us to remember who we are. 

  • This course will be the foundation on which you will build a new sacred feminine lineage. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Hear what these visionary, relevant, and revolutionary women have to say about our anthology—Original Resistance—on which this course is based:

Sue Monk Kidd

 Original Resistance is an inspiring collection of essays, stories and poems centered around Lilith, a timely symbol of women’s resistance and self sovereignty. The diverse voices in this book create a powerful call to women to reclaim themselves and the spirit of Lilith, whose time has come.” 


-Sue Monk Kidd, Author of The Secret Life of Bees, The Invention of Wings and The Book of Longings

Mirabai Starr

 “Everything my feminine soul has been thirsting for is contained in the brimming cup of this book. The Lilith archetype unleashes the wild heart, blows open the gates of the nondual mind, and blesses every cell of the holy, holy body. A fiery elixir of poetry and scholarship, myth and personal narrative, Original Resistance is a call to sacred action riding in on a wave of lovingkindness.” 

—Mirabai Starr, Author of Wild Mercy and Caravan of No Despair

HeatherAsh Amara

“The original warrior goddess: Lilith. This anthology shows the re-awakening of the major female archetype of the resistance movement against the roots of patriarchy. Through these diverse voices, listen to the murmur of a revolution that lives in the hearts of all women and is now bursting forth in a roar.”

—HeatherAsh Amara, author of the Warrior Goddess collection of books

Ready for a new beginning?

It starts with reimagining one.

Together we will discard the old stories that blame and shame women for their very nature and replace them with powerful ones that honor our knowing and embody our truth. 

We will begin with remembering Lilith—the forgotten first woman of the world— and her powerful revelations that will enliven your spirit and infuse your soul.

Your New Beginning Starts Here

Life-Changing Gifts for Those Who Dare to Reclaim Their Feminine Soul:

When you commit to reclaiming the DNA on which the very idea of "female" was built, you can expect so powerful results including:

  • Learn to trust yourself.

  • Step powerfully into your truth.

  • Gain clarity about who you are without the narrative that's been thrust upon you. 

  • Understand the system that was designed to keep you from knowing your own power and why. 

  • Integrate a new archetypal understanding of the feminine and free yourself from indecision and doubt. 

  • Free yourself from the constraints placed on female autonomy by myths that elevate the masculine above the feminine. 

  • Build a new way of moving through the world with an empowering new archetype to fuel your work in the world.

  • Create lasting friendships and community with women who are also seeking to embody their truest selves!

What's Included in Your Course:


  • Weekly 90-minute live Zoom sessions with feminist scholar and author Monette Chilson. Recordings will be made available. 

    Monday, May 3rd /12:00 PM EST
    Monday, May 10th /12:00 PM EST
    Monday, May 17th /12:00 PM  EST
    Monday, May 24th /12:00 PM EST
    Monday, May 31st /12:00 PM EST 
    Monday, June 7th /12:00 PM EST 
    Monday, June 14th / 12:00 PM EST 
    Monday, June 21st / 12:00 PM  EST 
    Monday, June 28th / 12:00 PM EST 

  • Weekly journaling prompts and barrier-breaking exercises.

  • Weekly meditation recordings to help you integrate the week's lessons on a deeper soul level.


  • Guest readings from the authors of the pieces we will be discussing.

  • Additional guest teachings by D'vorah Grenn, Lilith Institute Director/Founder, and Monica Rodgers, Revelation Project Founder.

  • A digital copy of the acclaimed anthology Original Resistance: Reclaiming Lilith, Reclaiming Ourselves 

  • A digital Copy of the Lilith Circle Guide workbook can be downloaded as your companion guide for this incredible journey. 

  • A sisterhood to journey with women seeking to reclaim their feminine consciousness.

  • Access to Girl God Books' private Lilith Facebook Group

  • An exclusive recording of Vicki Scotti's Lilith's Song (Fly Away)

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