We are all recovering from something.


Shouldn't the tools you are using be aligned with your feminine wisdom?


Always looking outside yourself for answers? Do you doubt yourself more than you'd like? Maybe that's because our culture—including our recovery programs—was founded on masculine principals and a male understanding of the world.

What if instead of reaching outside ourselves to a "higher power" we reached inside ourselves and recovered the power that was there all along?

This 1.5 hour webinar translates the 12 steps of traditional recovery into a version that honors the female experience. Since Girl God Books published Patricia Lynn Reilly's groundbreaking book, we have received many requests to offer a course on the topic. This webinar is the first step in communally processing this important work. The original webinar aired on 10/21/21. You will receive a recording of the webinar with this purchase.


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The Book Behind the Webinar


Whether or not you have ever set foot in a recovery meeting is irrelevant—A Deeper Wisdom is for all women. We have all lost our way at times. We have all wrestled with habits of thought and behavior that troubled and challenged us. We have all written self-improvement lists and committed to diet regimens recognizing that some of our habits did not support the life we wanted.

A Deeper Wisdom is a powerful woman-affirming life-practice for all of us. It is based on the belief in our original goodness and in the healing capacity of self-love and self-trust. Each step affirms our natural impulse toward wholeness, transforming self-criticism into self-compassion and the suffering that fuels habit-energy into joy.

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