Where We Started

In 2011, Trista Hendren founded Girl God Books to support a necessary unraveling of the patriarchal world view of divinity. Her first book—The Girl God, a children's picture book—was a response to her own daughter's inability to see herself reflected in God. Since then, she has published more than 25 books by a dozen women from across the globe with help from her husband, Anders; mother, Pat; and son, Joey.  

Where We're Going

Reclamation is a new division of Girl God Books created this year—on our 10th anniversary—to give our Girl God readers a rich, communal way of experiencing our powerful body of work. Every Reclamation offering will help you reclaim a lost piece of your feminine power.

Our Lessons in Lineage series invokes the goddesses and archetypes of our books to help you bring forth parts of yourself—parts that have been as suppressed and hidden as the spiritual foremothers will be be reclaiming together.

Here, on our interactive learning portal, you can find webinars, courses, circles and more to support your unique Divine Feminine journey. 

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