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We are bringing to life our four most popular books in the "My Name Is" series, reimagined tales of strong mythological women & goddesses. This four-week series will bring Medusa, Inanna, The Morrigan & Lilith into your living room each Wednesday in July. Tune in live to the events hosted by Monette Chilson or watch the recordings at your leisure.

This special summer series features interactive bonuses including weekly "fun facts" emails about that week's subject; themed music selection; and coloring sheets. At only $39 for the entire series, you can buy this as summer fun for your kids or as a gift for your inner child. As a bonus, for a limited time you can buy our bundle of all four books for only $39 ($60 value)!

Simple Summer Inspo

Honoring summer's laidback seasonal rhythm, we are offering this storytime series as a way to nurture the child in all of us. Missed out on stories of Goddesses growing up? It's never too late! These stories are simple, yet profound, and will be delivered by the authors in four sessions hosted live at noon EST each Wednesday in July. 

Count Me In!

Meet Medusa

Wednesday, 7/7 @ 12 noon EST

The story of the greatly misunderstood Goddess, including why she likes snakes. My Name is Medusa explores the "scary" dark side, the potency of nature and the importance of dreams.

Arna Baartz gorgeously illustrates this tale by Glenys Livingstone, teaching children (big and small) that our power often lies in what we have been taught to fear and revile. 

Meet Inanna

Wednesday, 7/14 @ 12 noon EST

Tamara Albanna weaves the tale of Inanna's despair, strength and triumph—giving children of all ages hope that the dark times in life will pass. Arna Baartz illustrates this journey with gorgeous illustrations of the owls, lions, stars, sun and moon that direct Her. My Name is Inanna is dedicated to Tamara's beloved homeland, Iraq—The Cradle of Civilization; the Land of the Goddess. 

Meet The Morrigan

Wednesday, 7/21 @ 12 noon EST

An introduction to the Irish Goddess of Life and Death, written by Jessica Johnson and illustrated by Arna Baartz.

The Morrigan remains one of the most misunderstood goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Her mythology is a tangled web of various guises, deeds, and battles--and even her name is a bit of a mystery! Dive into the world of the Goddess of Death, and learn about what The Morrigan really has to teach us—and, maybe you'll find that She, and death, aren't so scary after all!

Meet Lilith

Wednesday, 7/28 @ 12 noon EST

Whether you are familiar with the legend of Lilith or hearing it for the first time, you will be carried away by this lavishly illustrated tale of the world's first woman. Written by Monette Chilson and illustrated by Arna Baartz, this creative retelling of Lilith's role in humanity's origins will empower girls and boys to seek relationships based on equality rather than hierarchy.

Storytime Series

Join us for all four of these powerful storytimes—recordings available.

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You will want these treasures to re-read & absorb. They are works of art!

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Glenys Livingstone Ph.D. (Social Ecology) is the author of PaGaian Cosmology and My Name is Medusa. She is a featured contributor to Return to Mago blog. Current projects include a book on Celebrating PaGaian Sacred Ceremony and a series of PaGaian Cosmology Meditations.


As a writer, Reiki healer and Tarot reader, Tamara hopes to help others heal through connection with the Divine Mother. She has published books on Inanna and Willendorf, as well as poetry chapbooks with Girl God Books and elsewhere. Tamara currently in Europe with her family. 


Jessica Johnson is a contemporary witch and tarot reader who runs Stellar Tarot as part of her 20-year pagan path. Mom of three active kids, she Jessica has published two books on The Morrigan with Girl God Books and runs a YouTube channel, StellarRainDancer.


A partner in Girl God Books, Monette runs our community learning initiative. She has written about the divine feminine for the past decade, authoring Sophia Rising, as well as three books on Lilith for Girl God Books.


Arna is an artist, writer, educator and poet. Her art, words and poetry are transcendental, offering the intention of unconditional love and inspiration. Arna has written and illustrated workbooks, a children's book and a poetry chapbook for Girl God Books.

Why These Stories Matter

Endorsements From Women Leading the Way

Praise for My Name is Medusa

“I am awe struck at the beautiful job you have done in liberating Medusa from the stereotype, and elevating Her to a rightful place among the deities. You have spoken in poetic and innocent language, a re-enchantment of 'the dark' that will lead us all, child and adult, into the soft warm darkness of the womb, the earth, and the cosmos."

Yeye Luisah Teish

Storyteller-Writer, Artist-Activist & Spiritual Counselor

Jambalaya & On Holy Ground

Praise for My Name is Inanna

"Full of meaning and insight, with stunning illustrations, this simple, poetic version of the ancient myth glimmers like the "inner star" the author describes, showing where to turn for guidance."

Marilyn McFarlane

Writer & World Religion Scholar

Sacred Stories: Wisdom from World Religions

Praise For My Name is Morrigan

¨In a society where we’ve been taught to fear death + things coming to an end, this book, through poetic prose + beautiful illustrations, will invite you to meet the goddess Morrigan. Let Morrigan be your guide as she shows you that as sure as spring follows winter, when something comes to an end, there is ALWAYS a new beginning, and that with death there is always rebirth."

Lisa Lister, Author, Creatrix & Illustrator

Code Red, Love Your Lady Landscape + Witch

Praise for My Name is Lilith

"At a time when the rising light of the sacred feminine appears to be suddenly slipping backwards into the shadows, this book is vitally relevant. Lilith, the forgotten first companion Adam, tells her own love story, and in doing so empowers us to step into the fullness of our divine selves."

Mirabai Starr, Author & Speaker

Wild Mercy + Caravan of No Despair

Storytime Series

Join us for all four of these powerful storytimes—recordings available.

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Buy the Books

You will want these treasures to re-read & absorb. They are works of art!

Book Bundle